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Summary ASCII UML class diagram powered MDA
Categories design, construction
License Apache License
Owner(s) wettin

Silvertejp is an MDA-tool, a code generation and instrumenting framework powered by UML class diagrams.

Model driven architecture (MDA)

The basics of MDA is to use generators to transform a platform idependent model (PIM) to a programing language and platform dependent model (PDM) one can render to source code.

That is exatcly what Silvertejp does.

PIM input

  • UMLet, an open-source UML tool with a simple user interface
  • Java 1.5 annotated classes (used by Limax)
  • ASCII UML interpreter

ASCII UML class diagram notation

[ /Human/ 
    +name:String{2..*}    [boost=2 length=35]
    abstract +getChildren():Set    
]<|--+----[Man]<>-- {1} +father +child {0..*} --[Human]
     \--[Woman]<>-- {1} +mother +child {0..*} --[Human]

[/Company/]- {0..*} +employer | +employee {0..*} -[Human]
                                     +salary:float    [format="#,##"]
                                 ]--- +deposit ->[BankAccount]-- {0..*} {1} --[Human]

[Company]<|---[Bank](accNo:String)<#>--- {0..1} -[BankAccount +balance:float]


Silvertejp is only available in the CVS source repository.